We know what needs to be done, and we do it!

United Riders is the world’s number one bikers’ NGO*.

We work to help the disaster-stricken, homeless, isolated and vulnerable.

A calendar of social and charitable events.

Do you agree with our values? Come on board!

Our initiatives are 100% funded by donations.


United Riders is the world’s number one bikers’ NGO*. It is our conviction that social injustice is one of the major challenges of our age and must be urgently tackled. United Riders comes to the aid of vulnerable, isolated or disaster-stricken communities wherever we are needed; the Earth is our sphere of operation.

United Riders is an organisation independent of political, economic or religious authorities and goes against the trend of charity commercialisation. For over thirty years, bikers have been called on for their logistical know-how, diligence and drive in the fields of humanitarian aid and events.

Contrary to the bureaucracy and opacity of the humanitarian “giants”, United Riders favours proximity, direct action, reactivity and agility, just around the corner wherever you are on the planet. We are sure that our fraternity can change the world.

*NGO = Non-Governmental Organisation

Our logo is the Winged Earth Wheel. It represents:

• Our universality (the Earth),

• Our freedom (the wings),

• Our biker’s spirit (the wheel),

• Our sense of duty and justice (the sword).


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